Treasures In The Dark Report 25 March 2017

Team: Jummai, Afiniki, and Davou

Jummai, Afiniki, and Davou went out for the outreach. We started with an Intercession prayer and began the outreach few minutes past noon on 25 March 2017.

We went to a settlement, Kpaduma 1, near Asokoro; Asokoro is a highbrow settlement for the rich and affluent, while Kpaduma 1 is a squalor settlement for the poor and lowly placed in the society - both settlements are quite distinct. Davou drove us to where our contact person Afiniki lives with her family. We started with an intercessory prayer; Afiniki led us to one of the brothels. We subsequently agreed that Davou will stay back to intercede for us while Afiniki and Jummai go in.


When Lucy (one of the treasures that lives in the brothel) saw us coming, she ran to get us seats; it was obvious she was happy to see us but it was not so with the other treasures. One of them came and sat on the seat Lucy provided for us and said ‘if you are coming to preach you should be standing and not seating because preachers stand to preach’. We told her that we were not there to preach but to make friends; we noticed her face loosen a bit. At this point, she wanted to give us the seat but we insisted she keeps it while we looked round for a place to seat. One of the girls was talking on top of her voice saying, ‘do preachers go about preaching at night?’ We were not sure what she meant but the Holy Spirit gave us a response; we said told her, ‘yes, preachers can preach whenever the situation calls for it’. It was later we realized that Afiniki comes to them for night outreaches when they are attending to their clients which they say they do not like.

Now, we had two girls to talk to, while the third was listening to us from her room. She later came out to report that Lucy was drinking and smoking but when she saw us, she went to put them away. Again, we told her that we were not there to judge or condemn any of them but on the contrary, we came with a message of love and hope. We told them how God loves them and that there is still hope for them. After the discussion, they agreed to pray with us.


Lucy who was quiet most of the time said we should pray for her so that she can leave the brothel soon. Joy's prayer request was that God should give her a breakthrough in the business so that she can make money and leave the brothel. The third girl said she wants to get married and settle down. At this point, we prayed with them and asked God to reveal Himself to them, let them know Him and that He should help them discover the plan and purpose for their lives.

Joy requested for our contact number, we were so happy that she asked first then we had the confidence to ask for hers.

We are so grateful to God for going ahead of us. We had a good outreach! 


Written by

Jummai Fula Bulus