Using the Nigerian Film industry to curb human trafficking

Media has been proven to be one of the strongest tools to change perception of people and to foster social change in any society. Media Village will use the platform of the Nigerian Film industry to attempt to curb human trafficking by creating awareness campaign in the most vulnerable target areas where trafficking activities thrive in Nigeria. Media Village has good experience when it comes to using film as a means to raise awareness in critical development issues.

Nigerian Cinema (Nollywood) is Africa’s largest movie industry and the world’s 3rd in terms of the value of the movie industry and the number of movies produced per year. Nigerian movies are available in even the most remote areas of the continent. The last few years have seen the growing popularity of Ghanaian and Nigerian films among the people of African Diaspora in Europe, North America and the Caribbean.

Europe In My Heart – The film in brief

The film based on real life stories, was shot on location in Nigeria, South Africa and Denmark. The film portrays the reality of life in both Nigeria and for trafficked victims in Europe. The main Characters are used as role models in this campaign …but the vulnerable villages in rural Nigeria, which have become the prowling ground for the traffickers. largest film industry following Hollywood and Bollywood,

Film synopsis

‘Europe in my Heart’ is the story of a daring village girl, Charity who thinks there’s a better life in Europe – a life that will take her family out of poverty. Along came the charmer. She soon realizes that the streets of the foreign land can also be paved with hardship and hostility especially to an illegal immigrant.

With caution from an observant father, pressure from an ambitious mother, Charity becomes a victim of her chosen future. Charity dreams of a better life but life kills her dream.

From the producers of ‘Shadows in the Night’ comes another captivating film ‘Europe in my Heart’

Starring Nollywood stars like:

Ramsey Nouah

Sam Loco – Efeh

Tina Mba

And introducing Ven Lannap