3 – year Training and Rehabilitation Programme for the victims of Human trafficking

The Need
The need for the establishment of the shelter is to sustain the work of awareness, prevention, advocacy and rehabilitation which we are doing in fighting human trafficking.

We want to provide a home to this vulnerable population known as ‘victims of trafficking’, where they can freely and safely recover from the trauma of their trafficking situation and also be empowered to live their lives to their full potential in God. We will train a group of passionate people who are committed to serving in this Safehouse by first going through training that will equip them become care providers for the vulnerable population. This will ensure the overall success and sustainability of the Media Campaign against Human Trafficking Effort in Nigeria.

The Strategy:
In collaboration with our partners, we aim to provide training in 8 phases which will be spread out in 3 years:

Our Unique Selling Point (USP)
This Safehouse will give a platform to the rehabilitated and restored survivors to be able to tell their own stories using the medium of photography, music and film. This will be as a result of the media training component in the empowerment phase.The media materials produced by the survivors will then be used as part of further prevention measures and awareness campaigns, in collaboration with local and international partners who work with Nigerian prostituted victims.

A foundational training for the caregivers will be for 12 months. In this phase they will be able to understand the problem of human trafficking and how to help victims to full recovery. The vulnerable population/victims will be able to spend 12 months with us while they undergo rehabilitation, empowerment and reintegration.