Treasure Project is the outreach arm that reaches and cares for victims and survivors of human trafficking and prostitution. It involves an outreach to the streets at night to seek the “Treasures in Darkness.” God opened our eyes to see prostituted/trafficked girls as “Treasures” not prostitutes. Hence we refer to them as “Treasures.”

Instead of judgement, God put love and compassion in our hearts for the pimps too. They are often Nigerian drug dealers who control the South African girls. We found out through our ministry to these men that they were also trafficked to South Africa with promises to play soccer for a better life. We call the men “Male Treasures.” We believe God’s promise to give us the ‘Treasures of darkness” Isaiah 45:3. Today this scripture has come true as our ministry has rescued and transformed 2 pimps. Now we are working on 2 more who have made a commitment to follow Christ and they are also reaching out to the girls they once pimped.

Here in the area where we do outreach, there are close to 100 Nigerian men who are involved in pimping and drug dealing. Most of these men were trafficked and they aspire to proceed to Europe for better opportunities. Our goal is to win them for Jesus before it is too late. A number of them have died in the process.

We need an annual income of $5200 towards safe housing to work out a realistic exit plan for 6 Male Treasures.

In Nigeria MeCAHT works in 6 states including Benin City, Edo State, the human trafficking capital of Nigeria. The Federal German police told our team in 2008 that 80% of the illegal African prostitutes in Europe come from Benin City, Nigeria. We are currently running a media based safehouse for women in Abuja, the Federal Capital City of Nigeria.

To fight the thriving market forces of human trafficking, we must reduce the supply of Treasures from Africa and partner with European organizations who will reduce the demand from Europe.